People may marry in Level 3 under these conditions

People may marry in Level 3 under these conditions

Those keen to tie the knot may now do so during Level 3 lockdown. However, there are strict conditions to stick to.

During a media briefing, Home Affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi exlained that people may marry at a Home Affairs office or with a marriage officer. No wedding ceremonies are permitted, and a maximum of two witnesses are allowed.

“We are not allowing wedding ceremonies, but people can go to Home Affairs Department to get married,” he said. “We made it very clear about the conditions [for marriages] two people who are getting married and two witnesses, no crowds.”

“Because the majority of marriage officers are ministers of religion, we have also said the same thing – if a minister of religion is going to marry couples in their office, the couple must come with only two witnesses. We don’t allow crowds there.”

Home Affairs will also open other services, such as the registration of births, the re-issuing of birth certificates, and the collection of IDs.

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