Mutual proposals, equally romantic and less stressful

Mutual proposals, equally romantic and less stressful

A surprise proposal, a public proposal, a quiet and intimate proposal. All considered extremely romantic. But, you almost never see people talking about mutual proposals while gushing about how romantic it is. We’re here to tell you they can be just as great.

A mutual proposal is exactly what it’s name suggests. Both people propose to each other. Getting engaged is a choice; a choice made by both parties involved. So why not have both parties be involved in the proposal too!

Take Love is Blind couple Giannina and Damian for example. While Damian was unaware the proposal would be mutual, he was tearful with joy as Giannina proposed in return. This is one of the best pro’s of a mutual proposal – both parties get to feel adored, special, loved and wanted. What could be more romantic than that?

Another reason couples are choosing to go the mutual proposal route is because of the greater meaning of equality. More and more, people are shedding the expectations that come with being a certain gender.

“Couples we’re seeing who are doing mutual proposals really want to be equal partners in every way, and don’t subscribe to heteronormative, socially prescribed gender roles,” said Kirsten Palladino, editor of Equally Wed magazine, to the Guardian.

On top of all of this, proposing can be a huge source of anxiety! You want it go be perfect, so you put extreme pressure on yourself to ensure everything run’s smoothly. If both parties are in on the proposal, this stress is significantly decreased. This means the proposal will be much more enjoyable.

While a mutual proposal may seem as though it takes some romance out of the equation, we beg to differ. It actually prolongs the proposal period, which means more romance. Everything that one partner usually does alone, can be done side-by-side. Choosing a ring, planning the day, making dinner reservations, you name it.

If you really want to surprise your partner, but still want a mutual proposal there’s a way around it! Each partner can take one half of the day to carry out their proposal plans. This way the plans are a surprise, but the proposal remains mutual.

If you’re not yet convinced about how great they can be, check out these real life mutual proposals. They’ll definitely change your mind:

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Some of our proposal pictures❤️ We decided to do our engagement a little differently, not for the sake of being different, but simply because we both loved the idea & thought it sounded so much fun & so special-which it was! We each took part of the day & planned it for the other. I didn’t know what he had planned & he didn’t know what I planned for him. Colton took me to the nature park by my old house where we love to go on walks & picnics & where he gave me my promise ring 2 years ago. He proposed there & it was perfect in every way❤️ Later I took him to the campground where we grew up going. It is a special place for us both individually & as a couple. It is where we met, first got to know each other, & where it all began. I also proposed to him which was such a special moment to also be able to ask him to marry me. I’m so thankful for this amazing man & I’m so glad I have him as my partner & in less than a year, my husband🥰 #doubleproposal #wesaidyes #isaidyes #engagementphotography #engagement #sapphireengagementring #helzbergdiamonds #christmasproposal

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