Man proposes to girlfriend while stuck in mud

Man proposes to girlfriend while stuck in mud

Ashton Waters from Foley, Alabama  planned a romantic proposal at the place he and his girlfriend Brittany had their very first date. However, things didn’t work out as planned and Brittany ended up literally sinking in the mud during the big moment.

On their first date, Ashton and Brittany rode quad bikes in a muddy rural retreat called Boggs & Boulders near Andalusia, Alabama.

“Boggs & Boulders is a super special place for us because the first time I asked Brittany on a date she said: ‘Only if we can go to Boggs & Boulders’,” Asthon told “We’ve had a lot of fun there. We both love to get out in nature and get a little dirty, we love fishing and camping and boating so this seemed like the perfect place for us.”

On the way to their destination, Ashton’s car had gotten stuck in the mud and Brittany got out to push the car. Unfortunately for Brittany, she ended up stuck in the mud herself!

Ashton decided to make the best of the situation and proposed to Brittany right here, sinking mud and all! The ring was a family heirloom from Ashton’s side of the family that he had customised to suit Brittany.

During the proposal he asked: “Since you’re stuck, will you be stuck with me for the rest of your life?”

Brittany happily accepted the proposal.

“I said ‘yes’ straight away…we were both laughing so much. It took two people to haul me out of the mud afterwards,” she said.

Watch the video of their proposal below:

Congrats to the happy couple!

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