Indian man marries two women simultaneously

Indian man marries two women simultaneously

A man in Betul, a district in Madhya Pradesh, India got married to two women at the same time in the same ceremony on July 8. The nuptials were attended by villagers and family members, who witnessed what may be the first wedding ever with two brides marrying the same man.

Sandeep Uike, the groom in question, married two women, one from a district called Hoshangabad and the other from Koyalari village. He first met his Hoshangabad bride while he was in Bhopal for his studies. While he dated the woman, his family began plans for an arranged marriage between him and the woman from Koyalari village. Of course, all parties involved were unhappy, and the families of all three met to resolve the matter.

Together, they came to the conclusion that, should both women agree, Uike would marry both of them. It is apparent that they both agreed, and the wedding plans commenced.

Mishrilal Parate, vice-president of Janpad Panchayat Ghodadongri (a governmental organisation) told The Siasat Daily that none of the family members were opposed to the union.

The ceremony took place in a village called Keria, and the required rituals were performed. According to The Siasat Daily, this was the first occasion in history where a man made vows to two women at the same time.

Authorities in the district, however, are investigating the event and how it occurred since weddings are not yet allowed due to coronavirus restrictions. They said that permission is needed for weddings to take place, and none was given to these families.

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