'I'm Staying' couple find love on Facebook group

‘I’m Staying’ couple find love on Facebook group

Who knew a post on a public Facebook page could change your life? For one couple, their love story began from one simple picture on the popular I’m Staying Facebook group.

Isaiah Samoan-Joe Harry and Sinead Gabagas first met online when Isaiah shared a selfie to the I’m Staying Facebook group. Sinead was one of many who responded positively to the image, leaving a nice comment. She must have liked what she saw, because Sinead quickly sent Isiah a friend request, which he happily accepted. Isaiah took it even further by sending her a bold direct message, saying “Your name sounds better with my surname next to it”.

The pair quickly grew close, messaging each other until the early hours of the morning and speaking on the phone. At the time, however, Sinead was in hospital in Pietermaritzburg and Isaiah lived in Pretoria. They decided it was time to meet up in early Februrary, and Sinead travelled down to meet her mystery man for the first time.

Luckily, their first time meeting in person couldn’t have gone better. They were inseparable, and the one-week trip turned into two weeks. When the time came for her Sinead to go back home, Isaiah decided to make a grand romantic gesture. He went down on one knee and proposed, and of course, she said yes!

Isaiah an Sinead plan to marry in September this year. Congrats to the happy couple!

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