How to plan the perfect theme wedding

How to plan the perfect theme wedding

No, we aren’t talking about superheroes or cats. But hey, if that’s your thing, go for it! Your themed wedding is used to showcase what is important to you and your partner, through all aspects of your wedding.

A theme is a style which is incorporated in everything including stationery, decor, table settings, and invitations. Whether this is a colour, a symbol, or a popular movie genre, it’s totally your call, and you can be as creative as you like.

Here’s what you need to consider:

Pick a theme that’s meaningful to you

Your wedding theme needs to be something that you absolutely love. Maybe purple is your favourite colour and you love the smell of lavender, or the ocean is you and your partner’s favourite place. Whatever it is, the theme should be of interest to both you and your partner, as it is a celebration of your love.

Research, research, research

You have now chosen your theme and need to incorporate it into all the wedding planning details (Hello Pinterest!). If you can afford to hire a wedding planner this will help immensely, but it’s not impossible to create the wedding of your dreams on your own. You will need to do research on where to get all the materials to put your theme together, such as fabrics, flowers, stationery, etc. Once you have done this, the work really begins!

Subtle but sweet

A beach themed wedding does not have to be as on-the-nose as hosting your wedding right there on the shore. Instead, you can opt for smaller and subtler ways to allude to the theme in your decor. No matter your theme, there are fun ways to bring it to life, like using shells as escort cards. The key is to not go overboard so that your wedding doesn’t read as themed but rather inspired by a theme.

Get your family and friends involved

Putting together your ideas and crafting everything for the big day will most probably take months of planning (and asking mother dear for help), but nothing is better than seeing your vision come to life. Don’t be afraid to get your partner and other family members in on the fun, but remember to be stern about what you want and what is expected. You can even hold a fun family day where you spend time together creating the beautiful stationery and decor items that will fit with your theme.

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