How to host a drive-by wedding

How to host a drive-by wedding

The regulations for social gatherings still in place, not much can be done about the hope of a traditional wedding. However, many have taken to new, creative ways of hosting weddings, as their nuptials are too important to put off any longer.

Some opt for virtual ceremonies, while others go for a courthouse wedding with no guests other than the court officials. These are options to consider.

Another option is a drive-by wedding. Your loved ones can attend your wedding from the safety of their cars, ensuring that all safety precautions are met while still giving you the feeling of their presence at your special celebration.

If this sounds good to you, then you’re probably keen to get started on the planning. Here’s how to host a drive-by wedding:


When choosing the location of the drive-by, ensure that it is a wide-open, public space. This will mean that everyone driving by will be able to clearly see you. You could even do it in your front yard, if you have space and don’t have walls.

Set up a spot to show yourselves off, for example you can decorate fancy chairs as thrones for you to sit on as your parade drives by.


Send out invitation (digital of course) as early as possible. It’s a bit difficult for people to get around under lockdown restrictions so ensure that you give your guests enough time to plan.


It may be difficult to co-ordinate a lot of people in this way, but you have to try! Included in the invitation, set a meeting spot such as a parking lot for your guests to gather at.

Assign a close relative or friend the role of head driver. This ensures that there is somebody leading the cars to your location, and allows for some sort of order for the drive-by.

Also, include times for when they should meet up, and when they should begin driving to arrive on time.

Stations for gifts and treats: 

Since it’s not a full-blown wedding, you shouldn’t cater as though it is. If you really want to provide treats, get cupcakes and seal them in individual boxes, and set them up on a table close to where you will be. As your guests drive by, they can pick up a cupcake! Be sure to have a bottle of sanitizer on the table!

You can also set up a station for your guests to drop their wedding gifts if you’d like.

More than one way to do it:

For a drive-by wedding, there are two ways you can do it. However, the second option is riskier.

The first is as described above. All your guests simply drive passed you in a sort of parade fashion, to get a glimpse of you and your partner as newly weds. They have a few minutes to stop and get a treat, drop off a gift, and say some kind words. You could have this drive-by immediately after you’ve said your vows in a church or at the courthouse, or you could do it on a different day to avoid rushing.

The second option is to have a sort of drive-in, like a movie screening would be set up. All your guests sit in their cars and watch you say your vows, at an outside location. Only you, your partner, and the marriage officer would be outside, standing together. All other arrangements would stay the same. This may be a bit risky as it can still be considered as a gathering.

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