How to have a honeymoon during lockdown

How to have a honeymoon during lockdown

Of course, for your honeymoon you’d prefer to be lounging on the beach on a tropical island or roaming the streets in a city unfamiliar to you. However, when the President calls for a national lockdown, and all travel is banned, a stay home honeymoon is what’s on the cards!

Fret not though, newly weds! Your quarantine honeymoon can be great too. After all, you’re in this together, and who doesn’t want to be stuck alone with their number one person? We guarantee there are tons of couples who want to be in you shoes right now.

If you’re trying to turn your self-isolation into a bae-cation, here are some things you should do:

– Unplug 

First and foremost, take some time off from technology. Turn those phones off and unplug! You’ll feel more like you’re away, because you won’t have people texting and calling all day.

– Decorate your bedroom 

Turn your bedroom into a honeymoon suite. Lay out some new bedding, put some chocolates on the pillows, and create a romantic getaway hotel in your own home.

– Activities by candle light 

Candles make everything 100 times more romantic, don’t you agree? Fill up the bath and add some bubbles, pop the lights off and add some candles. There you have it, a perfect honeymoon activity.

If bubble baths are not your thing, or your tub is too small to take the both of you, a candle lit dinner is great too. Cook up something tasty and have a dinner date.

– Open wedding gifts 

Start off your journey together by opening all those gifts you received! It’ll make you feel very special and loved, and you’ll get some constructive things done at the same time.

– Breakfast in bed

Take turns bringing each other some food to get the day going. Pancakes, waffles, omelettes, go all out.

– Massages 

A whole new definition of “couples massage”. While you can’t go out and get a massage together, you can totally give each other massages. It can be very romantic!

– Planning 

Spend some time planning a trip away. We’re sure you want to take a “real” honeymoon when the lockdown is over. So why not use some of this time to get ahead with the planning!

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