How to wash your hair like a colourist

How to wash your hair like a colourist

Ever wondered why your hair stays cleaner, smoother and glossier after a salon wash? Well, wonder no more. Here’s how you can wash your hair like a pro at home:

Detangle first

Before you wet your hair, it’s essential you detangle hair gently first. Starting at the ends, gently work your way up to the roots so that you don’t have to detangle hair when it’s wet, and therefore more vulnerable. If you have some extra time, apply a few drops of a nourishing oil, like almond, to the ends and distribute with your comb as you work upwards.
How to wash your hair like a colourist
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Lather up

Something that’s seemingly easy to do has a right and a wrong way too. Taking your time is key in making sure you’re washing your scalp properly, and being super gentle when creating a lather with your shampoo. Don’t rub hair vigorously, but rather focus on washing your scalp properly and then squeezing the shampoo through the lengths. If it doesn’t foam up right away, add a little more water to your scalp and start massaging again. If it’s absolutely necessary, shampoo for a second time.
How to wash your hair like a colourist
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Honeymoon hair

Using products specifically designed for colour-treated hair will make a world’s difference in keeping your colour as vibrant as it looked on your wedding day. Look for products that have a low pH level, which will enable better colour retention and softer, smoother strands.
The Invigo Color Brilliance range from Wella is a great option for those wanting to keep their salon colour in tip top shape. With 7 weeks of colour protection and instant vibrancy, you’ll get high-performance results at home, while keeping your wallet happy. Find it HERE.
How to wash your hair like a colourist
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Rinse, rinse, rinse

The biggest difference between a salon wash and an at-home wash, is also the most simple – the rinse. Women, especially brides with a million things to do, are strapped for time and rush the process of properly rinsing shampoo and conditioner from their hair. By rinsing the product properly and making sure there’s no more residue on your scalp, your roots will stay fresh longer and you won’t need to wash as often.

Never skip conditioner

Hair that’s moisturised will reflect light better, so that you hair looks shinier and healthier. That said, less is definitely more in this case, so go easy on the conditioner. Take a small amount and only apply it to the ends, so that it doesn’t weigh your roots down. Then, take a deep breath and rinse with cold water to lock the cuticles and boost the shine.
Written by: Leandri de Kock
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