How the Japanese kimono made its way to the West

How the Japanese kimono made its way to the West

Originally, “kimono” was the Japanese word for clothing. These days, it refers more specifically to traditional Japanese clothing. Typically in the olden days, color combinations represented either seasonal colours or the political class to which one belonged, according to

Traditional kimonos have beautiful floral designs and are made of silk.

In modern times, the Japanese rarely wear kimonos except on special cultural occasions like weddings, funerals, tea ceremonies, or festivals.
As the world turned into a global village over the years, different cultures and fashions were influenced by each other, taking inspiration from the beautiful designs of foreign nations.

It’s not advisable for Westerners to wear traditional Japanese bridal kimonos on their weddings without specific reasons, however taking design inspiration and adapting it to your own style is a great way of celebrating wonderful cultures and learning about customs around the world.

Take a look at these incredible gowns inspired by kimonos, mixing East and West in a splendid way:

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