Honeymoon destinations inspired by TV shows

Honeymoon destinations inspired by TV shows

It’s time to ring in your recent nuptials with a heavenly honeymoon. If you’re a super-fan of a particular show, why not make your getaway an extra special trip by visiting their filming locations? Even if you haven’t seen these shows, these destinations promise memorable moments with your love.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Game of Thrones

While many Croatian cities doubled up as filming locations for the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, none are more famous than Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik’s old town is home to the show’s Kings Landing, capital of the mythical Seven Kingdoms. There are multiple locations throughout old town that will be immediately recognisable to GOT fans. Most famously, Queen Cersei did her walk of shame right here at the Jesuit Staircase. Scenes were also filmed on the City Walls and the West Harbour, at the entrance of the old town, where the battle of Blackwater Bay was shot.

Niagara Falls, Canada – The Office

Considering The Office is one of the most loved TV shows of all time, this is one destination many would be thrilled at. Fan favourites Jim and Pam famously got married under the falls. After growing incredibly stressed, Jim and Pam ditch their wedding plans the day of, instead hopping aboard a ferry and getting hitched in a private ceremony officiated by the ship’s captain.

Retrace their steps by taking a ferry to the falls and visit the Hornblower. Don’t forget to end the evening with a moonlit stroll along the brightly illuminated Falls.

Paris – Sex and the City

You’ll need little encouragement to visit the city of love and lights, but we’ll give you one anyway. Sex and the City, the iconic early-2000s show detailing the lives of four New York women, is much-loved by fans. While Carrie and the girls call New York home, she found herself glamorously living in Paris in the final season. Channel your inner Carrie and Big with a romantic trip to Paris. Make sure to stop off at the Plaza Athénée where she stayed, and take a romantic stroll on Le Pont Des Arts, the Lovers Bridge, where Carrie and Big famously reunited.

New York – Gossip Girl / Friends

The Big Apple is full of filming locations open to the public. Fan-favourite Gossip Girl had every viewer wishing they could live in the upper West Side. For most of us, our closest bet to living their glamorous lives is by is visiting the filming locations. From the Palace Hotel where it-girl Serena Van der Woodsen lived to the steps of the Met where the girls of Constance would congregate, you will love living it up in New York. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.

California – American Horror Story

Take a trip to California for a spooky spin on your honeymoon. Los Angeles is home to an incredibly famous, and incredibly eerie, house. The Alfred Rosenheim Mansion, or Murder House as American Horror Story (AHS) fans know it, is actually a popular filming location, having appeared in Spider-Man and Seabiscuit. Other notable filming locations you can visit include Cecil Hotel, which appeared in season 5, and Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, home to Briarcliff Asylum in Season Two.

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England – Downton Abbey & The Crown

Fans or Downton Abbey and The Crown will have a royal time in England. Travellers can visit central filming location, Highclere Castle, which viewers will know as Downton manor, as well as a host of other beautiful buildings featured on the show.

Lovers of the British Monarchy-centred show, The Crown, can visit Lancaster House in Westminster, which serves as the filming location for Buckingham Palace’s recreated State Rooms. Or, if you want, you can visit the real place itself and pop down to Buckingham Palace to bask in royalty.

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