Homeless pair meet, marry at shelter amid lockdown

Homeless pair meet, marry at shelter amid lockdown

While the coronavirus pandemic has wrecked havoc in lives across the globe, it has also brought some joy. This homeless couple found love in the time of coronavirus.

Maria Cecilia Osorio and Alfonso Ardila from Colombia met at a homeless shelter in Manizales, the country’s coffee region amid their lockdown period. Osorio, 39, is a missionary, and was left without means to afford her rent as the pandemic escalated and prevented her from working. Ardila, 72, is a construction worker and lost many job opportunities as the country shut down to follow lockdown rules. He too sought refuge at the shelter after being unable to afford his rent.

The connection between the two quickly grew. “I came to this place where no one looked at me or greeted me. But here I found someone who loved me and is worried about me,” Alfonso told Reuters.

They married at the homeless shelter where they met, with two other residents acting as bridesmaids. Their fellow shelter residents helped organise the wedding.

Watch the video of their wedding here:

The pair hope to have a real honeymoon after May 11, when their country’s state of emergency is set to end. However, they are cautious, as they have no jobs to return to once they leave the shelter.

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