FedEx driver saves beach wedding

FedEx driver saves beach wedding

Not all superhero’s wear capes, some deliver packages and come bearing a groom’s wedding band just in time for the ceremony.

Savannah Kulenic and Dylan Perkins planned a big April 10 wedding in Hawaii, only to be forced to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they didn’t let that get them down. Together, they organised a last minute ceremony which was held at a friends beach house in Surf City.

Just when they thought nothing else could go wrong, they were left without the grooms ring which had not yet been delivered by the time they started the beach wedding ceremony. The photographer, Amy Fowler, documented the entire fiasco in a Facebook post.

“The bride was waiting on the groom’s wedding band that was to be delivered by the time of the ceremony,” said Fowler. “We had to leave a note on the front door to ask if the delivery person would bring the ring down to the beach. We began the ceremony on the beach and at the end of the ceremony my friend, Brandy, yelled ‘LOOK, IT’S THE FED EX MAN!’ ”

“This sweet man came running down the sand waving the package. It was amazing!” she added.

Fowler joked that this was the perfect opportunity for a great FedEx commercial.

Have a look at Fowlers images of the saviour in action below, you can even see the FedEx employee attempting to ensure he practices safe social distancing.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Images: Facebook / Amy Fowler Shores

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