Sky high social distancing wedding adventure on a private jet

Enjoy a sky-high socially distanced wedding adventure on a private jet

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the general public and couples had to change how they traditionally did things.  How weddings are celebrated have also changed, forcing many to get creative with how they say ‘I do’.

If you are not scared of heights but also wants to maintain extreme social distancing, then saying your vows in the sky could be an idea.

Air Charter Service is offering a “Wedding in the Sky” package for couples who can afford to socially distance in the clouds. The two-hour sky-high experience takes place at 30 000 feet and includes an airport chauffeur to drive the newlyweds to and from their choice of airport.

The package will also include champagne, personalized wedding favours, canapés, a cabin crew member officiant, flower arrangements, and catered food and drink aboard a plane that seats up to 16 people.

One of the nicest things about this adventure is that your route can be planned and you can say “I do” while flying over your preferred route.

The whole thing will cost you $28,000 (R443 286) but if you have a smaller budget, there is an offer for you at $18,000 (R284 969) but you need to bear in mind that the perks will not be the same because its one is for a couple that wants to elope.

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