Engagement ring accidentally thrown overboard during proposal

Engagement ring accidentally thrown overboard during proposal

A proposal is a special moment that you want to be absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, not everything always goes to plan. This man learned it the hard way when he went down on one knee recently.

Miles Sueharto popped the question to girlfriend Angelina Zalesova. He decided to do it in style by renting a boat off the Sarasota coast in Florida.

With the stunning sunset as a backdrop, it seemed like the perfect time for Sueharto to go down on one knee.

As the proposal continues, he turns to his friend to ask him to pass the ring. The friend then throws him the box so high that Sueharto fails to catch it, which causes the ring to fall in the ocean.

Luckily, another friend quickly jumps into the water to retrieve the ring, and the proposal continues. After all that, of course, she said yes.

Watch the memorable moment here:

When the video was first posted, many were wondering if it was staged. In an interview with ABC 7 News, Sueharto revealed he had planned the whole thing with his friend, but his girlfriend was completely in the dark about it. The box that ended up in the water was actually empty, and the ring was safe inside his best friend’s pocket the entire time.

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