Engagement parties: Yay or nay?

Engagement parties: Yay or nay?

Getting engaged is a big deal. We get it. When your loved one pops the question, or says yes, all you want to do is shout it out to the world. Adventure awaits. But how practical are engagement parties really?

The upside:


There’s really not much to explain here. It’s a good time. You get to celebrate this special time in your life with people you care about!

Sharing stories

It’s natural that everyone will want to know how it happened, who asked whom and how. Was it a grand gesture or a private moment? It’s all pretty exciting. So instead of having to answer a bunch of questions over and over, it’s a great opportunity to tell your love story while everyone is gathered.

Show off the bling

The real reason most ladies want to throw a party! If your partner gave you a customary ring, you are bound to be super proud of it. Everyone will want to see it up close, and you will want to show it off. Sometimes, it’s okay to brag.

The downside:

The money issue

Sigh. Why is everything so darn expensive? Unless you’re a celebrity, it will probably hurt your wallet. You’re already spending money on the wedding, the honeymoon, the ring and dress… An engagement party seems like an unnecessary expense.

It can be stressful

Planning a wedding is already pretty stressful. There is a lot to do and there are many people involved, all wanting to weigh in on how it should go. You have a ton of things on your mind. Planning one more event might add to the stress and only make you anxious.

Finding the time

We know it is supposed to be about the couple, but the reality is, everyone’s busy. Supposing you and your fiancee can find an open date, all your guests might not be available. They are already putting time aside to attend the wedding itself, and it might be hard to find another date and time that suits everybody.

Yay or nay?

In conclusion, of course, it’s a personal choice so it’s up to you as a couple. However, we think it would be wise to rather put the time, money and energy towards the big day. You’ll see everyone there anyway, and those who really care will call or drop by to say congrats and share in your happiness.

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