Creating your own signature wedding drink

Creating your own signature wedding drink

One of the most fun parts about a wedding is getting to customise it to suit your every desire. Every aspect of your celebration can be a reflection of you and or your partner. Some people opt for monogrammed napkins, while others go for signage to celebrate their union.

If you want to do more to personalise your nuptials, why not add a signature wedding drink into the mix? You don’t have to be a professional mixologist to throw a good drink together. There are a few simple tips to follow, and you should be good to go.

Here’s how to do it:

– Start with your preferences 

Think about your go-to drink or your partner’s go-to. What flavours do the two of you like, what flavours do you not like? This is a great place to start, because the last thing you’d want is to have a signature wedding drink you don’t even want to have a sip of yourself.

– Opt for two 

Everyone has different preferences, so its best that you provide more than one option.

– Trendy flavours 

Leanne Strickler, head mixologist at an establishment in Chicago, told Brides that it is always a good idea to add trendy flavours. Use something like a vodka soda as your base, then add fun and popular flavours to it. “Tea is very popular, and there are lots of different flavours,” Strickler says. “It’s a great way to add flavour to a drink really inexpensively.”

– Keep your theme in mind 

A cocktail in a mason jar is a bit inappropriate for a more formal wedding, the same way a cocktail in a martini glass is odd to serve at a barn wedding. Particularly for presentation, the theme is very important to take into consideration.

– Try for universality 

It’s best to opt for drinks that most people enjoy like vodka and rum, rather than ones that often polarise people such as gin and whiskey flavours.

– Punch up presentation 

Add fun tags, a decorative stirrer, and anything else you’d like to make it look personal. These decorative additions also help to have the drink fit in with your wedding colours. It’s best not to fiddle with the colour of the drink, or else your guests may all be walking around the purple lips due to the food dye.

– Name it 

Once your drink has come together, decorations and all, you get to add the final touch by naming it whatever you’d like! Get creative, make it funny, you can serve it at all the dinner parties you throw together as a newly married couple and even years on into your marriage – so make it memorable.

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