Do you really need wedding insurance?

Do you really need wedding insurance?

Do you really need wedding insurance? Wedding insurance, simply put, is the insuring of your big day. It can be anything from the venue to any cancellations. You may be questioning the necessity of this but when you’re spending thousands and thousands on your nuptials it may be a good investment.

As much as you shouldn’t be negative about things, it’s also vital to take precautions. Would you purchase a phone or a car and not obtain insurance? So if you’re spending more than what you’d pay for a phone – and in some cases – a car then why wouldn’t you insure your big day?

Wedding insurance can be tailored to suit any couples needs. Various companies also have different packages available that cover a few too many things.

Consider a few things before making your final decision:
– How much are you spending on your wedding?

If you’re opting for a micro wedding then maybe you don’t need insurance since you’re not spending too much.

– How far in advance are you planning?

Insurance may be a good option if you’re planning a year in advance since it’s hard to know if anything may happen. Whereas situations are less likely to change in a month or two.

– How long have you saved for your big day?

If you’ve been saving for a long time you might want to invest in insurance. You wouldn’t want to lose your hard-earned money. If money isn’t an issue for you, then maybe not.

– Anything can happen (unfortunately)

Sadly no one knows what the future hold. There may be a death in the family or (touch wood) your partner. It’s not nice to talk about but it should be noted. Death aside, there may be damage done to your venue, a result of a guest who had a bit too much to drink or perhaps an innocent mistake.

Keep the above-mentioned in mind. Remember to talk to your wedding planner and vendors as some of them may be covered. Even if so it’ll never be full coverage for the full wedding.

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