Delicious grazing tables you'll want to tuck into

Delicious grazing tables you’ll want to tuck into

Let’s be honest, food is a crucial part of your big day. After spending tons of money on a gift and an outfit, your guests will be looking forward to a delicious spread and party.

Grazing tables are super popular among modern couples. While it may seem like you just place a bunch of random snacks on a table, there is an art to the perfect grazing table.

When crafting your grazing table, remember to opt for a variety of treats to appeal to a number of tastes. Cheese and crackers, fruits, meats and nuts pair beautifully together. Throw in some fun spreads, dips and sauces as well as tons of different bread to act as a vehicle for all this deliciousness.

You can use your discretion to place your items on your table, but keep in mind you want it to look super colourful so think carefully of your placement. Add height with cake stands to create some variation and interest.

If you need inspiration, check out these stunning spreads:

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