Enjoy an out of the ordinary honeymoon at Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

Enjoy an out of the ordinary honeymoon at Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

One really needs a week at Lanzerac Hotel & Spa to reset and refresh body and mind. There’s really too much to do for a one- or two-night stay. To start, exploring the estate – the gardens, pool, spa and various restaurants – takes an entire day, and who wants to rush that?

As a honeymoon cove of luxury, the pool, surrounded by loungers and gazebos with its own bar, is a priority on a hot sunny day. Head over there straight after breakfast to have it all to yourselves for a little while, sipping white wine-wine spritzer or a sneaky cocktail – just you and beau.

Speaking of breakfast, it’s honestly a pity you have to wait until the day after checking in until you get to experience the spread that is the breakfast buffet. Everything you could possibly want is on the table (pun intended) from oysters to cold-pressed juice to fresh pastries, and always completed with a cappuccino. The eggs Benedict that should follow any continental spread is stacked with so much salmon and perfectly prepared hollandaise sauce, you might struggle to find space to finish it all.

After a morning swim, and if you haven’t gone back to your room and finished the contents of your complimentary mini-bar, you need to head to the spa for a relax in the hot tub overlooking the vineyards,; unless you’re staying in an exclusive suite, that is. Then your personal steam room takes preference. Lounging on the deck on a hot day, laps in the (very) heated indoor pool, a workout or mist completely relaxes you when you’re unwinding from the whirlwind that was planning and executing the perfect wedding. 

This is even before you’ve ventured upstairs, where a world-class spa with an endless list of treatments and massages awaits. (Side-note – if you’re even slightly decor obsessed – feast your eyes on the embroidered upholstery that covers the walls.)

The reason that Lanzerac feels so much like home is the unique decor. Nothing is the same in each room – in one, a lucky find of lime floral headboards inspired the greens and pinks throughout the suite. In another, bold wallpaper panels are installed behind the Californian king-sized bed, inspiring the colouring for the rest of the suite.

It’s the combination of old and new furniture and finishes that makes it special and anything but standard hotel decorating.

The Craven Lounge is another must-see where one antique find provided inspiration for the rest of the space. Paintings of 19th-century hunters on the wall with their red jackets inspired the red tapestry rugs covering the floor. This lounge is where one ends a tranquil day, sipping on whisky or Champagne before heading to your room to get some rest for the adventures that await you tomorrow.

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