Couple's ocean wedding shoot fail

Couple’s ocean wedding shoot fail

Tim and Bekah Blakely-Savage of Texas were ready. Their wedding day was beautiful and all was in place. Next thing you know, Mother Nature crashes in full force during their wedding photoshoot, sweeping them off their feet and leaving them soaked! The couple took it in their stride, laughing and yelling as it turned into a fun spectacle. Here’s how it unfolded:


“We didn’t necessarily intend on trashing the dress, but the ocean had other plans,” Bekah captioned the photos. Luckily, she even managed to salvage the gorgeous dress. “Shoutout to the world’s best dry cleaner who still managed to get all the spots and stains out,” she wrote in the comments section.

The photoshoot has since gone viral on Reddit, collecting more than a 1,000 ‘upvotes’ since being posted. It has also received a lot of love from other social media users.
“This looks like a photo from an epic romance movie!!! So beautiful!!!” wrote one commenter. “Your union has been blessed by the Earth! How wonderful,” said another.

This might just have turned out even more perfect than intended.

Picture: Reddit

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