Couple recycle to fund wedding

Couple recycle to fund wedding

Weddings are expensive, and saving money where you can is crucial. But have you ever considered saving the earth to save money? This couple did, and they were rewarded in more than just monetary value.

Ellie Toohill and Darren Auth Duke from Western Sydney decided to save money in an inventive way by recycling bottles to pay for their wedding. They travelled across Sydney collecting rubbish to deposit into a bottle vending machine. For every bottle they collect, they earn 10cents. While it doesn’t sound like much, it can add up very quickly.

Ellie Toohill and Darren Auth Duke Credit: Daily Mail
The couple collected bottles to fund their wedding. Credit: Daily Mail

They turned their backyard into a storage space where they separated their rubbish into special compartments for recycling. They also got their neighbors involved too, having them donate bottles to add.

Ellie and Darren even used social media to spread their cause. They created a Facebook page, called A recycling wedding Sydney, and used it to document their process.

They used an app to track their progress, through which they earned $7581, and another $3000 in printed receipts. With the money they were able to fund their wedding reception (planned for April 2020) and purchase their rings. They plan to do it all again to fund their honeymoon. Talk about something old, something new…

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