Couple donate wedding meal to healthcare workers

Couple donate wedding meal to healthcare workers

After their wedding was cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this bride and groom decided to do something good. They donated their entire reception meal to 400 healthcare workers.

Fiona and Adam Gordon had planned their wedding day for 120 guests. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak, they instead had a much smaller day with only two witnesses. Since their big day had already been fully planned and paid for, they were left with a lot of food.

Their caterer asked the couple if they would be willing to donate it, and of course the couple said yes.

The food was served to 400 healthcare staff by charity group, Hull4Heroes.

“We’re just happy to help bring a bit of light in the middle of all this. It is times such as these when you realize what’s important,” Fiona told The Birmingham Mail. “The fact that we managed to help in some way because of this is a silver lining.”

“The reaction we have had for doing this is absolutely amazing, but of course the real heroes here are the charity workers,” she added.

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