Couple change wedding plans, marry hours after lock-down announcement

Couple change wedding plans, marry hours after lock-down announcement

On Saturday, October 31 Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that they will be going to another hard lockdown that will last four weeks in preparation for Christmas and to reduce the number of rapidly growing infections.

Couple Jo Loosemore, 33, and Matthew Goffin, 37 were meant to get married on November 14. Instead, they married 24 hours after the announcement. 

Matthew said that they already had a set date, venue, and 200 guests as part of their plans for their wedding day. The ceremony was going to take place in  Devon but because of the impromptu decision to get married a day after the announcement, they got married at Church of St Martin in Witcham, Cambridgeshire instead.

Initially, the venue in Devon was chosen because of the proximity to Jo’s parents but the change forced them to get married where they lived with their son.

Jo said: “I was having a shower on Saturday morning and I heard about the news coming out so I just thought, ‘Well I’ll see if we can get it done this weekend”

The couple ran around trying to get everything ready for their new wedding date, they posted an appeal on their village’s Facebook page, which led to offers from musicians, with friends and family also helping them and they had a beautiful ceremony.

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