The best suit style for your body type

Choosing the best suit style for your body type

Unsure of what suit will fit you best? It’s important to choose the right style and wear what flatters your shape most. Looking good is guaranteed to make you feel good!

Take a look at these tips and tricks to find the perfect fit for you.

Slender and tall

Tall men often have trouble finding pants that cover their ankles completely. Make sure your pants are the right length, as pants that are too short will seem skimpy. Alternatively, you cold opt for ankle grazers which are meant to be shorter and end just above the ankles. If you are slim and want to add more texture to your shape, opt for a blazer with padded shoulders. Dark colours work well with taller postures.


If you are a fitness enthusiast and have the muscles to prove it, you could possibly wear any style and rock it. However, remember to choose the right size. Buying too small to enhance your muscles is not smart. You will feel uncomfortable and there is always the risk of popping buttons.  The correct size will set you off just fine.

Short and bulky

Go for smooth textures, without too many bells and whistles. The idea is to make you look taller, so opt for vertical stripes or buttoned blazers. Make sure the pant legs are not too long and don’t scrunch at the bottom. Rather get them hemmed if you can’t find a size that fits the waist and legs equally well.

Slender and short

If you have a small frame, you get to go all out. Lighter colours will make you appear larger and stylish accessories will be pleasing to the eye. A bit of extra shoulder padding will also go a long way, and keep an eye out for shoes with a slightly raised sole.


If you are more man than muscle, fret not. Dress smartly in slimming colours like navy and charcoal, and avoid attracting attention to your waistline. Vests are flattering and will conceal any insecurities. Make sure your pants fit nice and snug, not baggy as that will make you seem bigger. The right size is key.

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