Californian bride-to-be swallows her engagement ring

Californian bride-to-be swallows her engagement ring

Of all the things that could go wrong before and on your wedding day, swallowing your engagement ring probably doesn’t make the cut. For one Californian bride-to-be, however, this unfortunate incident was a reality.

Jenna woke up on the morning of September 11, 2019 and realised that her engagement ring was missing. She remembered having a vivid nightmare which entailed her and Bob Howell, her future hubby, in a ‘very sketchy situation’. Her fiancé advised her to swallow her ring (in the dream) in order to protect it. She swallowed the ring and when she woke up, she just assumed that it was all a dream.

She realised that she must have actually ‘protected’ her engagement ring and ingested it. The rest of the day included many awkward and funny conversations with doctors and nurses. They proceeded to take an X-ray to verify the theory. Jenna did, in fact, swallow her engagement ring.

Jenna and Bob spent the day laughing and giggling as they moved from one doctor to the next. They finally decided to perform an upper endoscopy and assured her that it was ‘no big deal’.

The ring was recovered and given to Bob for safe keeping. After the procedure, her future hubby decided to treat her to some take-out and a yummy chocolate shake which she was very grateful for.

The ring is back with Jenna and the pair are still getting married.

Feature image: Facebook/Jenna Evans

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