Bride orders dress online and regrets it

Bride orders dress online and regrets it

The stereotype may suggest that all women love shopping, but that’s not really the case. For some, shopping can be an annoying or stressful experience. These women usually opt for the online shopping route.

Wedding dress shopping is even more taxing a task. Online shopping may seem like a good way to relieve some of the stress. It could give you more time to deal with other wedding organisation to-do’s, it saves you from endless interactions with consultants in bridal stores, and may even be more affordable. But we all know it comes with some risks.

This bride decided to take the chance. If the outcome of her online shopping escapades was not so funny it would be tragic.

The bride-to-be ordered what she thought would be a stunning lace dress with a cascading skirt. What she got, however, was much more comical. The dress, while it did somewhat resemble the picture’s lace and a cascading skirt, came with defining boob-cupholders.

Taking to instagram to share her misfortune, she wrote “Online order fail. Don’t worry though a new better dress has been purchased”.

The image she shared had her followers in stitches.

“Omg no way!!!! So funny, how could someone even ship that lol,” said @lizard17 in the comments. “Look on the bright side…you got yourself a Halloween costume now. Make the boob pads seashells and paint the dress green and boom you’re Ariel! Glad you were able to get a laugh out of this. Weddings can be stressful!,” said another follower, @dodgeret.

We can confirm that the bride replaced her dress with something much more fitting for the occasion:

Congrats to the bride! And for those of you brides-to-be considering online dress shopping, let this be a lesson in the risks involved.

Image: Instagram / sup_clover 

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