Agent E helps men find the perfect ring

Agent E helps men find the perfect ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a tough task! If you’re a groom-to-be, or have experienced the ring shopping rush then you know a bit about this. We bet a one-stop-shop for finding the dream ring is exactly what soon-to-be-husbands are yearning for.

Rowena Cumner, a 34-year-old Londoner, launched her engagement business, Agent Engagement, in 2015. The business helps men find the perfect engagement ring, assisting them in the full process including sourcing the ring and transporting it through airport security.

Cumner offers the service at no cost at all, with her income coming from commission from jewelers. According to Daily Mail, Cumner thought up this business idea when her friend requested that she assist in bringing a ring across London.

About her business she said: “I started being Agent E to help people save time, hassle or money when searching the engagement ring market and it just became really fun. From teachers to doctors, builders to bankers, my clients seemed to find it fun too, pretending to be 007 running around creating the perfect ring.

“The best part is that my clients never tell their partners that I’ve helped them. They want them to think they did it all by themselves,” she added.

Included in her job description is ensuring that brides don’t catch on to the upcoming proposal. She claims that at times she speaks to clients more than 30 times a day, if they’re working with a deadline.

Apparently, getting rings through airport security is the most difficult part. “Usually we get around this with a giant post-it note on the ring box alerting airport staff that it’s a surprise engagement ring and not to be opened carelessly,” she said.

“Sometimes the rings are so precious we can’t risk a problem in security, so I once booked a £1 EasyJet flight to Dublin, just so I can get the ring through airport security slowly, in order to pass it over to my client outside Pret a Manger in Gatwick while his girlfriend was in the loo,” she added.

Cumner takes pride in her business and is tremendously happy helping clients create the perfect proposal. “I will stop at nothing to help my clients pop the question with complete peace of mind – as long as it’s legal,” she said.

Here are some of her happy clients:

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The Keeper with his keeper: Looking forward to seeing Craig @c_mac93 goalkeeper @officialpompey Portsmouth FC & his lovely fiance @lallyphillips next weekend to toast their @agent_engagement back in December. Craig was really on the ball (as usual) designing a stunning Cushion Cut Engagement Ring for Lally with the always helpful Jack @Queensmith jewellers. Meanwhile @TheProposers were inside the bauble attaching the surprise to the Christmas tree in a beautiful festive room they’d created @shangrilalondon on 35th floor of @TheShardLondon 💪🏻. It was a really great experience helping Craig as he struggled to escape daily training down on the coast and is often away at international tournaments. Soon after kickoff (sorry, I just can't help it 😂) we had video chats daily @WhatsApp to find and set the perfect stone. Calling all busy proposing footballers and sportsmen/women – Agent E at your service…. 👩‍✈️💍⏰🥂💎 #goals #football #goalkeeper #portsmouth #pompeyfc #shard #shangrila #london #engagementphotos #engagementring #diamonds #secretservice #007

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