Brides deadlift together at wedding

Brides deadlift together at wedding

Talk about raising the bar. This bridal couple opted for something different on their wedding day, and made a strong statement by doing a tandem deadlift at the aisle mid-ceremony.

Lisa Yang and Wek Hernandez, who met online and have been together for five years, are both fitness fanatics. Their love for weightlifting grew out of a desire to be stronger.

“We were runners actually, and we wanted to get stronger,” Hernandez told NBC News. “Initially, I got her into CrossFit, and then she found her way into the weightlifting team.”

“Weightlifting to us is very special,” Hernandez told Womens Health US. “We lift with our local team in Brooklyn. They’re family to us, and the whole weightlifting team was at our wedding.”

When thinking of a unique thing to do mid-ceremony, none of the traditional occurrences worked for them as a couple.

“We thought about the usual candle lighting, tree planting, sand pouring, and none of those things represented Wek and I,” Yang explained. “We were joking about doing a tandem deadlift. At the time, it seemed ridiculous because we’re Olympic weightlifters, deadlift isn’t even our main sport. But a snatch or clean-and-jerk in dresses might be a bit dangerous, so we settled on three deadlifts.”

The tandem deadlift came to mean more than just a personal touch for their wedding.

“It was meant to not only be a symbol of unity but also a statement, ” says Hernandez. “Individually, we are strong, capable women, but together we are stronger.”

So soon after they exchanged their wedding vows in Brookyn’s Prospect Park, Yang and Hernandez ditched their shoes, stood firm and lifted a 253 pound (114.8 kg) barbell together for three reps. Poofy dresses and all. They then casually went right back to the ceremony.

“I was just so happy and in the moment!” Hernandez exclaims. “I mean, we were deadlifting in Prospect Park in wedding gowns professing our love. It was awesome!”

Their photographer, Eileen Meny, was able to capture the moment in all its glory. The image went viral soon after it was posted to social media.

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Yang hopes their unique wedding moment will inspire others to challenge themselves when it comes to fitness.

“People get really intimidated by barbells, but if they see tiny Asians in wedding dresses lifting weights, maybe they can start to believe that anything is possible.”

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