5 Things you need in your honeymoon beauty survival kit

5 Things you need in your honeymoon beauty survival kit

Your honeymoon is supposed to be stress-free, glowing and romantic. Make sure you’re prepped and ready for anything with these 5 beauty essentials.

1. Sunscreen

Rain or shine, sun or snow, sunscreen is one thing you cannot leave at home. From the very beginning of your getaway, from being in a car or on an airplane, you have to make sure your skin is properly protected, especially because the environment might be different to what you know.

A broad spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF, pollution filters and blue light filters will ensure you’re well protected in any season and in any environment. If you’re worried about the coral reefs, reach for a mineral sunscreen (containing zinc oxide instead of oxybenzone), but if you’re heading to the slopes, a chemical one will last longer and won’t make you look chalky.

2. Fragrance

Take something with you other than your wedding day fragrance, as this will ensure you capture a honeymoon scent memory as well. Sometimes it’s nice to try something different, but pick something that still falls within the fragrance family you know and love to avoid disappointment. Even better, pick something that you and your partner can both use, so that a whiff of it years later will instantly transport you back.

3. Hair care

Honeymoon hair means it needs as much of a break, and down time, as you’ll be having. After the stress of wedding planning and the damage your hair might have undergone on the day itself, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving your hair an extra bit of love. Try to make use of as little as possible heat to dry and style your hair, and rather focus on repairing damage and allowing it to have a bit of a breather.

Maybe you need some help to instantly repair your hair and bring it back to its renewed, elastic shape – then the Wella Fusion range is for you! Packed with reparative ingredients to help strengthen hair and prevent further breakage, it works great on all hair types, but especially colour treated and heat damaged hair.

On the other hand, a more natural approach would include the Elements range, which is free of sulphates, parabens and artificial colourants. It’s ideal for those looking for something a little lighter, while still packing a punch when it comes to regenerative and moisturising power.

Get your hands on an Elements or Fusion Festive Pack HERE or visit your nearest Wella Professionals salon.

4. Multi-purpose make-up

When space is sparse you need to only pack what you absolutely need. Go for creamy lipsticks that you can use on your lips and your cheeks, bronzing palettes that can easily translate as eyeshadow, stick foundations than can either be used as concealer or built up to achieve more coverage, and of course, a waterproof mascara to perk up your peepers that’s happy tears, rain and swim safe.

5. A good make-up remover

Nothing is more frustrating than being away from home and not being able to remove your make-up properly. Test and trial a make-up remover, preferably something like a micellar water which is more gentle on the eyes, to be sure all remnants can be removed. A brilliant way to test if a make-up remover is honeymoon-worthy is to try one on the night of your wedding when make-up has been applied heavier than usual.

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