Dos and Don’ts of wedding invitations

Dos and Don’ts of wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are a big deal! They ensure your guests have all the necessary information and they give people an idea of your theme. Essentially, the invitation is the first taste people will get of your special day. The last thing you want is to miss the mark with your first impression.

There are a lot of considerations to remember when designing your wedding invitation. Not to mention the lengthy list of etiquette rules you need to follow.

Here are some dos and don’ts of wedding invitations, to help you through the process:


– Ensure the invitations match your wedding

Wedding invitations should match your wedding theme and colour scheme. This gives guests a good idea about what to expect.

– Include directions 

This added effort will be much appreciated by your guests. Never take for granted that people know the location or how to get there. Visitors from out of town will be especially grateful.

– Put the Bride’s name first 

Traditionally, wedding etiquette states that you should put the bride’s name first. This is a very small way to stick with age-old customs.

– Be consistent 

If you’re using formal language on your invites, keep it formal on other cards like the RSVP card or the save the date too. Similarly, stick to a colour scheme and theme.

– Add an RSVP card 

This will make it easier for guests to respond to your invitation. Put all necessary information on the card, including dietary requirements or menu choices, whether they will be bringing a plus one (if you’ve allowed them one) and whether they will be attending at all.


– Add your wedding registry 

It is considered quite rude to expect a gift for your wedding. Instead of adding the registry to your invite, include it on your bridal shower invites or on your wedding website.

– Forget to keep one for yourself

Your wedding invitation makes for a great keepsake. It’s a good idea to keep one for yourself, and perhaps have it framed.

– Send them out too late 

You’ll struggle to get RSVPs and many guests won’t make it if you send the invitations out too late. People need to plan ahead so they can be available and some may need to travel long distances to get to you! Remember that everyone is busy, be considerate about that and send out the invitations no less than 2 months prior to the wedding.

– Be vague about who is invited 

Put the full names of guests on the invitation. If somebody is allowed a plus one, indicate it clearly.

If you’re having a child-free wedding, be clear about it. However, it is considered more polite to indicate that the wedding is an “adults reception” rather than stating “no kids”.

– Forget important information 

Names, dates, times, location. Add all of these things! If your reception is in a different location to the ceremony, indicate that. Anything that may affect the guests’ attendance is worth mentioning.

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