Traditional leather gift ideas for your third anniversary

Traditional leather gift ideas for your third anniversary

Three years of marriage is no small feat. While the honeymoon period is over and you’ve likely settled into wedded bliss, it is still important to honour every moment.

Every year is a special year for a married couple, as it marks another 365 days of their union. However, each anniversary has its own special meaning, according to tradition.

The third wedding anniversary is symbolised by leather, meant to represent strength and security. At this stage in your relationship, you’ve developed habits and patterns that have solidified, and you’ve faced ups and downs. Like leather, your love is durable and resilient.

Of course, it does not have to be real leather. You can easily opt for vegan leather alternatives to stay on tradition while not compromising your principles.

Here are some leather-related gift ideas to honour the day:

– A handbag

– A monogrammed wallet

– An office chair

– Boots

– Driving gloves

– Camera strap

– A leather-bound notebook

– Matching bracelets

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