Where to find a second-hand wedding dress

Where to find a second-hand wedding dress

After the joy of getting engaged comes the wedding planning. It’s time to start figuring out your budget. Weddings can be quite costly and dresses are not cheap. Especially when you’ve had your eye on something elaborate. As lovely as it may be to have something custom made or ‘fresh out the box’ have you considered buying or renting a second-hand wedding dress?

Google is everyones best friend but if you’re looking for places to find a second hand wedding gown, have a look at some of these options.

1. Dejavu Dresses

This online service offers pre-loved wedding dresses. You are able to select your province and city. There are various styles and prices.

2. The Wedding Boutique

Not just your average wedding shop. This store offers the option to buy or hire a wedding dress.

3. House of silk bridal studio

Offering a massive collection of gowns to hire. This store ensures that previously owned wedding dresses are still in great condition.

4. Innovine

Have a look at all their previously loved wedding dresses. Offering various styles and sizes.

5. Vintage Lace

This online wedding dress directory helps brides to be find their perfect gown. Have a look at all the second-hand dresses.

6. Sell My Wedding Dress

Purchase your dream dress for a fraction of the price. Find second-hand wedding dresses on this online wedding directory.

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