Wedding tables: Round vs banquet

Wedding tables: Round vs banquet

Most people spend hours imagining what their wedding reception will look like, but few consider how difficult it is to decide on the type of table. It may seem trivial, but the round versus banquet table debate is long-standing and on-going.

The tables you choose affect your decor, your guests, and the overall vibe of your wedding. Neither is particularly better than the other, however, it is true that certain shapes go better with certain venues.

Nevertheless, no matter what, the choice is yours. If you’re still on the fence about the shape of your tables, you may want to keep some of these pros and cons in mind as you decide.

– Banquet Tables

These are usually better for narrow, long rooms.


Good for when you’re short on space 

Since you can fit more people at a longer table, you’ll need fewer tables. This will save a lot of space and will ensure that the venue does not look overcrowded.

Could lower cost of decor and linen 

As less tables are needed, less linen is needed too. The same goes for table decorations. If you’re decorating with florals, for example, you wouldn’t need as many.


Guest conversation might die down 

Longer tables means that guests are confined to conversations with the people in their immediate vicinity. A round table allows for a group conversation, whereas a longer, rectangular table usually only allows for guest to chat to those next to them and directly opposite them.

Moving around is more difficult 

For those sitting towards the middle, getting up from the table may be an issue. If you’re having a buffet (where guests will have to get up for food) you’ll have a traffic jam on your hands too as there will be many people up at once.

– Round Tables 

These are generally better for irregularly shaped rooms.


– Great for conversations 

As mentioned above, a round table allows for a group conversation. This is much less pressure for the guests than the situation at a banquet table.

– Most venues offer more than one variation 

Since it was quite popular in years gone by, most weddings have more than one option of round-style seating for you to choose from. Variety is always good!


– Not as modern 

Banquet tables offer a modern, sleek look that round tables don’t. Round tables also are less effective in photographs than banquet tables are.

– A centrepiece can complicate conversation 

You’ll have to think a bit harder about your centrepieces because they may block guests views of one another!

– Best of both 

If you have more than enough space, and you really can’t decide on a table shape, you could always find a way to incorporate both!

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