Vegan wine for an eco-friendly time at your wedding

Vegan wine for an eco-friendly time at your wedding

Vegan wine is fast becoming a sensation in South Africa. People are seeking out ethically made wines in exchange for their hard earned money. Providing guests with vegan wine on your wedding day will not only tantalise their tastebuds, it will also teach them about the incredible variety that is available in South Africa.

What classifies wine as vegan?

Vegan wines are made without animal products. During the typical winemaking process, the wine is filtered through substances called fining agents. These are used to remove unwanted flavours or colours, protein, yeast, cloudiness and other organic matter. Typical fining agents are animal-based. These, according to PETA include

– Blood and bone marrow,

– Casein (milk protein),

– Chitin (fiber from crustacean shells),

–  Egg albumen (derived from egg whites),

– Fish oil

– Gelatin (protein from boiling animal parts),

– Isinglass (gelatin from fish bladder membranes).

Vegan winemakers will leave the particles to sink naturally to the bottom of the wine or otherwise they will use fining products like bentonite (type of clay) or pea protein – both of which are non-animal fining products, to remove the organic matter. Voila! Your wine is vegan.

Some delicious vegan wines that are produced in South Africa include:


– Franschhoek Cellar La Cotte Mill Chenin Blanc 2019

– Franschhoek Cellar Statue de Femme Sauvignon Blanc 2019

– Franschhoek Cellar Town Hall Chardonnay 2018/9

– Boschendal Le Bouquet 2018

– Bellingham Bernard Series Viognier 2018

– Boschendal Rachelsfontein Chenin Blanc 2017


– Boschendal Brut NV MCC

– Backsberg Kosher Brut Méthode Cap Classique


– Franschhoek Cellar Baker Station Shiraz 2018

– Brampton Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

– Brampton Roxton 2015

– Boschendal Noble Late Harvest Vin d’Or 2017

– Franschhoek Cellar The Old Museum Merlot 2017/18

– Boschendal Lanoy 2017

– Brampton OVR (Old Vine Red) 2016

– Brampton Shiraz 2016


– Alvi’s Drift Rosé Wines

– First Cape Five Cellars Rosé

– First Cape Rosé

– Delheim Pinotage Rosé

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