Unusual things people have made engagement rings from

Unusual things people have made engagement rings from

Diamonds are forever, but creativity is boss. While anyone can buy an engagement ring, sometimes a handmade gift is even more meaningful.

Here are some people who got creative and thought out of the (ring) box. Using common household items, they crafted unique rings that tell a story.


Yes, really. A Japanese man collected his fingernail clippings for a year, then ground it to a powder and baked it to create a “stone” for an engagement ring.

Hex nuts:

Everyone has nuts and bolts lying around, so why not use them? This crafter transformed this common household appliance into a 1 carat diamond ring!

A coin:

Coins are meant to be good luck, so it seems fitting to make an engagement ring out of them. Here’s how.

A spoon:

Who knew a spoon could be so handy?

3D printing:

When printing was first invented, we never thought it would come this far. This man worked with a local jeweller to create a printed ring out of castable 3D printing resin to pop the question to his love. Here’s the process from start to finish.

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