Trash the wedding dress

Trash the wedding dress

Your wedding is over and you’re about to come back from your honeymoon. There’s one question that may cross your mind, “what do I do with my wedding dress?”

It’s important to keep in mind that you probably spent a lot of time, effort and money on your wedding gown. Some people like to keep their dress as a reminder of the happy day, for sentimental value or to pass down to their daughter.

If that doesn’t appeal to you and you have no interest in selling it, how about giving ‘trash the dress’ a go.


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This was probably one of the most peaceful minutes of my life. ..till a huge wave hit me! 🤣 . . Ever think of doing a “Trash the Dress session”? You could do it years later, right away or perhaps you just want to make room in the closet and want some good photos out of it! Maybe your marriage didn’t end up happily ever after and you literally want to trash your dress…make light of it and let us get creative behind the camera! . . This was me the day after our Wedding Day! I did it for fun as we were in such a beautiful spot down in Bahamas! Surprisingly, I didn’t end up ruining my dress at the end of it! . . It was fun and spontaneous and have wicked pictures to show for it! . . Interested in the idea? Messsge me or comment below! . . #trashyourdress #trashthedress #trashtheweddingdress #weddingdress #creative #creativephotography #photography #fun #spontaneous #bahamas #greatexumabahamas #sandalsbahamas #weddingday #offcenterphotography #weddingphotography #weddingphotographers #cambridgephotographer #cambridgeweddingphotography #love #oceanpictures #peaceful #husbandandwifeteam #beautiful #bride #bahamasbride #trashdress #weddingdress

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Trash the dress is a photography activity in which the bride wears her wedding dress and ‘trashes’ it. It usually comes as a juxtaposition of the beautiful, elegant and dainty wedding gown with the backdrop of a garbage dump, forest or messing up the dress.

The location can be anything from a beach to an eerie abandoned building.

If you’re not jumping in the ocean, a popular option is colour bombs or powder. Throwing it on the dress or having the colour bombs set off around you makes for a great picture.

Trash the dress can be a lot of fun and that really shines through the pictures. It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to go overboard. If you don’t want to completely destroy the dress there are options for less permanent trash the dress shoots. You don’t have to physically trash the dress in order for it to pass as the odd-seeming photo shoot. An out of place setting is enough to pass.


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Our behind the scenes footage of the Trash The Wedding Dress has been viewed over 600 times since being uploaded in the October of last year. If you haven’t watched it yet, head over to our YouTube Channel, JackRabbits Paintball and Airsoft. It was such a great experience. We have some ideas and themes currently floating around in our brain boxes of what we would like to do next, so if you fancy getting involved, get in touch. Don’t forget to like our pages 👇🏻 Instagram: @jackrabbitspa Facebook: People to follow 👇🏻 @keithfusco @fuscomedia @rara140280 @victoriageldard32 @autumnwiccan @misssparklegem @creaturesofxix @mummababydoll @cjlock_ @francescaharding @mr__kn1ght @andrews.tales @z8_photography @miss_cnancy @mrs666suicide @lola_lucious @taskforcem4 @grs_uk #jackrabbitspa #paintball #airsoft #pyrotechnics #photography #photoideas #photoop #photoopportunity #weddingdress #weddingphotography #trashtheweddingdress #filming #filmmaking #modelling #modellife #creativity #youtube #youtubechannel

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The trendy photo shoots has been credited to wedding photographer John Michael Cooper from Las Vegas. It has been said that he became bored with the traditional wedding shoots and decided to mix it up.


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#throwbackthursday When I was flying on the @todayshow This memory popped in my feed and made me so happy. @johnmichaelcooper the INCREDIBLE photographer and artist of @altfphotography called me up and was like hey.. you can jump in the air and get your #melissasweet future wedding dress dirty right? Haha I was like umm YES So we drove to the dry lake bed and shot these pictures of me jumping in the air after my hubby drove by to kick the dust up. So many people thought this was photoshopped…ummm no…my ankle and John could attest to that haha We later appeared on an episode of The Today Show such an incredible experience! I wonder if I can find the episode. Thank you John for making this experience a possibility! You are an incredible artist! #altf #johnmichaelcooper #thetodayshow #trashthedressepisode #shanaemily #iam1stphorm #Jump #SayYes #vegas #nextlevelshit #neversettle #photography

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