The thrilling tension setting: A mesmering finish

The thrilling tension setting: A mesmering finish

While the shape of the diamond is often the key focus in an engagement ring, the setting is just as important. How your ring is set can make or break it, so it is best to choose wisely.

A less popular yet still stylish choice is the tension setting. This unique setting has the central stone floating in between two metal bands that hold it securely, and is an unusual look for the unique bride.


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The tension setting is designed in a way that the diamond is tightly held in place by the pressure of the metal bands on either side. Usually, there are two tiny grooves carved into the metal where the diamond’s girdle comes into contact with it to keep the stone in place. This setting allows the diamond to appear to be floating between the two sides of the shank, which creates a mesmerising appearance.


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Along with the floating appearnace, the entire profile of the diamond is on show with this setting. Thus, the diamond is more visible than with other settings. The minimal metal surrounding the diamond further enhances its light reflection, making it appear more radiant.

Another benefit to this setting is that is much less maintenance than other diamond setting types, like the prong setting for example.


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However, it is important to note that this tension only works for hard stones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The stone must also be of very high quality, as any imperfections will be made even more visible through this setting. It is also an extremely specialised skill to make this setting, so jewellers charge a pretty penny for it.

Another downside to this setting is that it is difficult to resize, and having this done can actually increase the chances of the stone coming loose.

With the diamond being so exposed in this setting, it is not ideal for those that lead an active lifestyle.


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This setting is the perfect choice for those desiring a more modern and minimalist finish for their engagement ring. It is an unusual look that is sure to stand out from the rest.

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