Strangers catch bouquet and garter, marry years later

Strangers catch bouquet and garter, marry years later

Most couples meet each other by chance. A lucky encounter that leads to a forever relationship, like sitting next to each other in a university lecture theatre, through a friend, or at work. Some, however, have meet-cutes that are worthy of fairytale status.

Falling in love with a total stranger as you lock eyes across the room is a thing of dreams for many. US YouTuber Malibu Darby and her now husband Aramis Phillips had just that.

The pair were strangers when they attended the same wedding ceremony in 2015, and had never crossed paths before. Neither of them expected that this would be the day they met the love of their life. Of course, they attended the wedding with the intention of enjoying the festivities, celebrating the newly-weds and nothing more.

As luck would have it, both Darby and Phillips were keen to participate in the activities of the day. When the garter toss and bouquet throwing time came around, they both stood up to try their hand at catching the items.

We all know that tradition says if you catch these items, you’re the next in line to get married. Little did these strangers know…

Both Darby caught the bouquet and Phillips caught the garter, and that was it. A few months later they started dating and after three years Phillips popped the question.

Chatting to Briefly, Darby said that they had a low-key engagement. Her now husband surprised her at work and asked her for her hand in marriage. According to her, the fact that it was at work made it all the more surprising.

“If it happened in a public place like a restaurant or park then I would have known he wanted to ask me to marry him,โ€ she said in an old YouTube video.

The loved-up couple married on September 21, 2019 and had a blissful honeymoon in Jamiaca thereafter.

Talk about a fairytale!

Image: Twitter / Youtube: MalibuDarby

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