Popular bridal flowers and their meanings

Popular bridal flowers and their meanings

With the wealth of jaw-droppingly beautiful blooms available, choosing the correct ones for your big day can be a challenge. Of course, you’d want your wedding flowers to look spectacular, but have you thought about what they actually mean?

Thinking about the special messages attached to your flowers when you select them will allow them to serve a greater purpose than simply ornamenting your venue. So, we’ve decoded the meanings of five well-loved bridal blossoms to help make your big day even more meaningful.


Aah, the oh-so-pretty rose. It’s rare to come across a wedding venue that hasn’t been decorated with at least a few of these sweetly scented flowers, and understandably so.

The rose has been a symbol of love since the beginning of time: the birth of Venus was marked with white roses and the text of the Medieval poem, ‘The Romance of the Rose’, lured the suitor to a rose garden.

The flower represents the phases of romantic bonds, from the initial butterflies that you feel in your tummy to the twilight years of unwinding on the porch at sunset. Add it to your bouquet as a reminder of everlasting love.


With its healing qualities and intense, euphoric aroma, lavender has the power to transform your wedding into an occasion of restoration and refreshment.

During bygone eras, young ladies would slide lavender sachets between the garments of their bridal trousseau and just beneath their corsets, to infuse their clothing with its scent.

Follow in their footsteps by sewing a few stems to the lining of your dress or mixing them with an assortment of other blooms in your wedding bouquet. For the ultimate experience of revival, spritz on lavender perfume just before taking your first steps down the aisle.


Just as the uplifting daffodil signals the end of winter and the start of spring, so too can it signal your new beginning as a wife.

Dubbed ‘Butter and Eggs’ by the Victorians as a nod to its vivid hues, it’s reminiscent of carefree childhood days and is the ideal bloom to help you create a relaxed, joyous ambiance.

It’s said to be a simplistic and natural flower, which will perfectly blend into the decor of a minimalistic, farm-themed wedding.



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This flower, consisting of layers of pretty petals, was historically given to women to let them know how alluring they were.

Persian legend has it that a prince was transformed into ranunculi after singing to an enchanting nymph that he fell in love with. Whether your groom is musically gifted or not, a bunch of ranunculus from him is a foolproof sign that you’ve bewitched him with your beauty.

It’s no wonder that this flower has made its way into many a wedding tablescape. Decorate your venue to look just as beguiling as you do by using them to fashion trendy table runners.

Lily of the Valley


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Lily of the Valley is a flower of celebration, consisting of tiny bell-shaped buds surrounded by a collection of vibrant, green foliage.

On the British holiday of Whit Monday, families and friends came together to have a ‘lily picnic’ where they picked several lilies before indulging in tasty fare and dancing to jolly ol’ tunes.

Copy their festive rituals or for a more romantic take, follow the French custom of exchanging Lily of the Valley with your love: he can add a sprig to your bouquet while you pin him with a boutonniere made with the bloom.

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