Newlyweds flip coin to pick last name

Newlyweds flip coin to pick last name

Deciding whether or not to take your partner’s last name per tradition is a choice every couple must make after getting married. It can be a tough decision, so why not leave it up to fate? That’s exactly what this unique couple did.

Jeff Conley and Darcy Ward from Florida, left the decision up to chance by literally flipping a coin at their wedding. They had a gold medallion personalised to read Darcy’s surname on one side and Jeff’s on another. Whichever end landed face up would be the surname they would share.

Speaking to The Palm Beach Post Jeff said, “It’s fair. I am a graduate student in economics at Florida State and I think about fairness.”

Darcy agreed, adding, “Being with someone who was willing to start the marriage from a creative and fair place felt like a really good first step toward an equal partnership.”

Upon the coin toss, the medallion landed with Darcy’s surname face up, officially making them Mr and Mrs Ward.

The couple react after the coin toss. Credit: Charlotte Fristoe

Jeff seems to be happy with the decision, saying, “You could say I won. I was the one who received something new.”

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