Man surprises girlfriend with underwater proposal

Man surprises girlfriend with underwater proposal

“Under the sea / Under the sea / Darling it’s better / Down where it’s wetter / Take it from me”. Who knew the lyrics from ‘Under the sea’ could be taken so literally? This couple love being underwater so much, they got engaged in the Caribbean Sea!

Ethan Studenic and Morgan Whittaker are passionate scuba divers, so naturally Studenic wanted to extend this love by literally popping the question under water. He spent 5 years planning out this elaborate proposal to his girlfriend of 10 years to make sure its nothing short of perfect. He proposed during a scuba diving excursion at the Caribbean island of Bonaire, where the couple spent their very first holiday together.

“Five years ago, I had the idea of an underwater proposal. I thought it would be cool, really unique and interesting,” Studenic told Fox News. “I decided to propose on the first reef we dove together.”

“I wanted it to be a romantic proposal and I’m not the greatest at that kind of thing,” Studenic said. “I thought if I could go back to Bonaire, I could recapture that magic of our first vacation away together.”

Studenic had seaglass saved from their first Bonaire trip embedded into the engagement ring, which he kept hidden inside a seashell.


For the big moment, the couple swam down for a good spot, and Studenic pretended to find a seashell. The words “Will you marry me” were written inside the shell. Of course, Whittaker said yes!

Watch the video of their proposal below:

“I was pretty shocked,” Whittaker remembered. “When he first reached down, I honestly thought he was picking up a wild animal.

“When he was opening up the shell I was seriously worried and then I just sat there in total shock. I said absolutely yes.”

“Ethan introduced me to scuba diving and it is one of the things we love most in the whole world so it was wonderful to have the proposal in that setting,” she added.

The couple plan to officially tie the knot in April, and its sure to be amazing.

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