Love is Blind: What happened next?

Love is Blind: What happened next?

It’s been months since Netflix original Love is Blind blew viewers away as it posed the question, ‘Can people really fall in love without seeing each other?’

This science experiment saw couples connect while separated by a wall, never getting to see each other face to face. Six couples seemingly fell in love and got engaged. After their engagement, they met in person and began their relationship.

Here’s who is still together in 2020 and who has found new love after the reality TV show.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed:

As Cameron and Lauren fell in love, so did we. This couple’s story touched many as they grappled with being an interracial couple and how their families and the public would react to their love.

Their love is legit, as the pair are still together today. They appear as loved up as ever, and even adopted a puppy together. Fans can follow their journey on their Youtube channel, Hanging With The Hamiltons.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett:

Many fans doubted this couple would actually tie the knot, as Amber’s confession of financial troubles and her lack of stability seemed to trouble Matt during the show. However, the pair ended up saying ‘I do’ and are still married.

Since their wedding, Amber has admitted that they butted heads a lot but have now found a good flow.

Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase:

Soon after meeting in person, this couple’s engagement began to disintegrate on the show. Kelly was quite straightforward about not having a sexual attraction to Kenny. In the show’s finale, she said “I don’t” and left Barnes at the altar. The pair have since admitted that they had both agreed that they were not going to get married.

Since then, Kenny Barnes has found love again. The Love is Blind star recently popped the question to girlfriend Alexandra Garrison. Barnes and Garrison have been dating a little over a year, and they met after he appeared on the Netflix dating series. His younger sister Anna introduced the pair.

Kelly is currently single, although she did date a close friend soon after the show’s filming wrapped. Both Kelly and Kenny have grown a lot from their experience of being on the show, and they appear to be on good terms.

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Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas:

From the get-go, this couple was destined to fail. Jessica accepted Mark’s proposal after her main interest Matt Barnett displayed stronger feelings for future wife Amber. With Mark as her second choice, she struggled with leftover feelings for Barnett throughout her engagement, as well as a lack of sexual chemistry with Mark. This, coupled with their ten year age gap brought an end to their relationship. Mark said ‘I do’ but Jessica could not follow through.

Jessica has since found a new man. She is dating a doctor who, interestingly enough, looks a lot like Mark. She has also apologised to both Amber and Matt for interfering in their relationship during filming.

Mark has also moved on. He recently went Instagram official with a blonde beauty.


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Same spot, same girl, different caption 😜

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Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli were another fan favourite, although their explosive relationship was often on rocky ground. The pair argued a lot during filming, and it appeared that Giannina would be the one to end things. However, fans were shocked when she said ‘I do’ and Damian said ‘I don’t’.

With their dramatic ending, it was even more surprising to find out that the pair are back together. During the reunion episode, they revealed that they got back together hours after their wedding, and they are still together today.

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doing life with you 💛☀️

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Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack

This couple didn’t make it very far after their engagement. Soon after meeting in person and spending real time together, Carlton admitted to Diamond that he is bisexual. This lead to a massive fight because Diamond felt Carlton was keeping secrets while he felt that she didn’t accept him for who he is. Their fight ended with them breaking things off and Diamond tossing her engagement ring in the pool.

Since then, they patched things over and are on good terms. Carlton is spending time on himself, and Diamond is working towards her PhD.

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