How to get your guests dancing on your big day

How to get your guests dancing on your big day

A wedding is the perfect time to put on your dancing shoes and to cut loose. However, not everyone is that keen to bust out the moves.

Some may need further encouragement to get footloose. Beyond this, getting the party started can be quite physically taxing. With all that gyrating, it’s easy to get tuckered out quickly. It’s best to look out for your guests by offering some dancing relief. Here are a few ideas.

Welcome with some liquid courage 

The best way to get people to dance is to get them feeling relaxed first. This is where old faithful alcohol comes in. Serving shots of tequila as a welcome drink is a great way to get the party started and encourage your guests to leave their morals at the door. An open bar will go even further, but may get your guests feeling a bit too confident.


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Play a mix of music

Ariana Grande isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and not everyone is down to clown to some Drake. You’ll need your live band or DJ to perform a healthy mix of music genres, from pop and rap to golden oldies and slow tunes. This way, you appeal to everyone. Plus, no one can resist a  cheesy one-hit wonder.


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Offer ‘dancing shoes’

Have you ever danced in stiletto heels? It’s not a fun time. Balancing on these high heels while twerking to Cardi B might lead to a few falls, so it’s best to offer alternative footwear. A cute idea is to have a ‘dancing shoes’ stand where guests can grab a pair of flip flops before heading out onto the dance floor. Place them in different bins based on size, so that everyone has a shoe that will fit. Make sure the flip flops are brand new for hygiene reasons, and place a sign saying that each guest should keep their pair for the night to avoid people chopping and changing flip flops.


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Have a ‘cool down’ zone

After dancing up a storm, you’ll probably be sweating quite a bit. Have a dedicated ‘cool down’ zone alongside your traditional seating, where your guests can rest their weary feet. Offer tons of seating, cute handheld fans and refreshing fruit-infused water to help them rest up before they take to the floor for round 2.


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