How to catch waves without going to the beach

How to catch waves without going to the beach

Beach waves are no longer a trend but an iconic hair style that is doable on almost all hair types. With travel in question this summer, you might not be able get to the ocean, but don’t let that stop you from getting minimal effort beach hair.

Bring the beach to your hair with Wella Professional EIMI Ocean Spritz, which creates texture and grip for sexy movement synonymous with beach waves.

Here are the best ways to get the look (at home).

Beach waves for straight hair  

First tackle flat roots with a root lifting product like Wella Professional EIMI Root Shoot, target the root with this volumising mousse and then apply a texturising product to the rest of the hair. EIMI Pearl Styler creates that “tack” in the hair, this is needed for slippery straight hair that doesn’t hold onto curl easily. Apply away from the roots, and distribute evenly through hair, the gel-like formula protects hair from UV and adds shine for healthy looking locks.

Blow dry hair upside down, using a large paddle brush lifting the roots to maximise volume. When hair is dried through, use a hair tong to curl sections. You don’t want anything too uniform here, so change the direction you are curling the hair with every section. This will give texture rather than ringlets.

Another trick to keep hair looking modern is to curl from mid-shaft rather than from roots to ends and leave the ends out so they are straight. Once all hair has been curled, open up the sections of hair and shake to loosen the curls. Finish with a spritz of Wella Professional EIMI Ocean Spritz for salty texture.

Beach waves for curly hair

If you already have curly hair, but want a more beachy texture, one of the simplest ways to achieve this is by spritzing Wella Professional EIMI Ocean Spritz onto freshly washed and conditioned hair, if your hair is particularly dry, add a few drops of hair oil too.

Brush out any knots and divide the hair into two sections and loosely braid to each side. Smooth the top of the hair as much as possible, you can even apply some heat from the hair drier to smooth out the front and top sections. Sleep on the braids and when you wake up check that they are dried through, if not blast with a hair drier for a few minutes. When dried thoroughly, unravel the braids and gently pull out the curls using your fingers. Use EMI Curl Shaper to tame any flyaways and give separation.

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