Have you heard of the "management ring"?

Have you heard of the “management ring”?

A new buzz word going around wedding circles is the “management ring”, if you can’t decipher what it is, we’ll just tell you: an engagement ring for men!

Gender norms are out the window and equality is in as men are joining in on the bling. Why should women only get exciting jewellery to tell the world they will soon be a Mrs (or just a married Ms)?

The term “management” doesn’t refer to any high-level oversight a woman has to do on her man. Rather it’s a fun combination of the word man and engagement.

The trend has becoming increasingly popular especially since it is a common practice among gay men, with each giving the other mean ngagement ring or going to pick out ones together. In addition, a few celebrities have been seen sporting them over the years including Michael Bublé and Ed Sheeran.

Management rings come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from clumsy-proof silicon to blinged out statement pieces.

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