Giving face: What your watch style says about you

Giving face: What your watch style says about you

Time is time, no matter what. A minute is still 60 seconds and a day 24 hours. While this is a given, the act of time-telling is much greater than a quick glance at a dial. A watch is more than just an accessory. This functional and fashional item speaks of its wearer and how they’d like the world to see them.

Finding your perfect watch is much like finding your perfect partner: it takes time. You might have to try on different types and many won’t fit or feel right to you.

To help your wrist pick its perfect companion, we’ve made things a little easier. There are four four key watch aesthetics, each one with its own story to tell. We’ve paired up these personalities with our favourite Rosefield watches to bring this romance to life.

The Classic:

Classics are classics for a reason: this timeless style defies the ages. The classic watch wearer, like the accessory style, is sturdy and durable. Put her in hot water and she’ll rise to the occasion. There is something so endearing about a woman who needs no fuss, no frills because she knows its her strength and character that keeps people coming back.

Inspired by an iconic NYC neighbourhood and caught between boho-chic and classic, Rosefield’s Bowery collection is perfect for this aesthetic. The collection combines a minimalist, ultra-thin watch case with elegantly stitched leather straps. Style without the drama, for the uncomplicated woman.

The Minimalist:

Sleek, chic and modern, the minimalist style grips viewers without screaming for attention. Minimalism, to its core, is about finding purpose. By stripping back on adornments and distractions, you can live with intention. The woman who follows this lifestyle is bold and assertive. She has no time for irrelevant factors, because her eyes are on the prize.

Rosefield’s Gramercy collection is all about combining a simple watch face with clean-cut leather straps to create a modern and alluring fashion accessory. The elegance and sleekness of the watch speaks for itself, without frills and fancies. It makes a statement without even speaking, perfect for the woman whose presence commands attention.


Time may be straightforward but this wearer is anything but. The quirky woman is not afraid to take a risk. She is rebellious and confident, odd yet lovable. Life is an adventure and this curious woman wants to tackle it head on.

If you march to the beat of your own drum, you need a watch to keep up the pace. Rosefield’s West Village Collection is inspired by the iconic and traditionally rebellious neighborhood of the West Village, a nonchalant area with European flair. The slender watch has stand out details like the delicate metal rings decorating the strap. The rings vary by strap colour, and ampify the vintage-chic character of its wearer.

Rosefield watches are available at Sterns and American Swiss Jewellery stores.

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