Fun alternative bachelorette ideas

Fun alternative bachelorette ideas

Your bachelorette is seen as the last time you get to party with your girlfriends as a single woman. It’s often associated with wild nights out, drinking way too much and some scantily-clad well-built men. We’ll stop there.

This special event can be so much more. If you want to do things a little different, it can become a treasured memory of best friends coming together to spend some much needed girl-time, allowing you to share your hopes and dreams for the future while getting rid of the wedding stress.

Here are some fun, alternative ideas to the traditional bachelorette party:

Take a hiking-trip

If you like being active, getting outdoors with the gals is a great way to recharge, forget about your phone and get close to nature. Remember to do research beforehand and only hike on established routes. Booking a tour-guide might also be a good idea, so you don’t have to worry about anything! For a full weekend of fun, you can even consider setting up camp and sleeping over.

Take a cooking or cocktail class

If you’re not that adventurous, why not keep it indoors and take a culinary class together? Learning to make something yummy to eat or drink is guaranteed to result in loads of laughter and a satisfied tummy. Plus, adding skills to your repertoire is always a plus!

Guided garden tours

If you like sunshine, beautiful flowers and fresh air, but you’re not keen to do a full on hike, get out there with a botanical garden tour. Many botanical gardens have amazing histories and it’s always interesting to have someone knowledgeable to teach you about the birds and the bees. End it off with a lovely picnic!

Sing your heart out

If you have the talent (and even if you don’t) a sing-off is always a goodie. Karaoke is a great way to let your hair down and forget the world. Take a trip down memory lane and sing to your high school favourites, or strut your stuff with the latest pop song.

Get creative: Clay, soap or candles

Art is known for being therapeutic, and having something to show for it will be a special memory. There are many different options, like pottery, candle making and soap making. Choose something that strikes your fancy and will look lovely in your home.


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