Expect this to go wrong on your wedding day

Expect this to go wrong on your wedding day

Planning does not always make perfect. Sometimes things go awry despite your best efforts. In this case, make sure to expect the unexpected. Here are the things that can go wrong on your wedding day and how to prepare for them.

Someone could get sick:

You can’t schedule sickness, unfortunately. Whether it’s you, your partner or a member of your bridal party, no one is safe from the perils of health problems. While not completely preventable, there are things you can do to minimise problems. Stick to a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables in the lead up to your wedding to maintain your vitamin intake, drink more water, and consider taking probiotics. Make sure you take medication at the first hint of sickness.

The weather could be terrible:

Weather is unpredictable, especially when you plan events in advance. Make sure to check weather forecasts the week of, and prepare for all weather types by coming up with a contingency plan. Have umbrellas on hand for rain, and hand-held mechanical fans for hot weather.

Transport could get messed up:

If you are using an external transport service, chances are that they will run late. Make sure to stay in constant contact with drivers to be conscious of their whereabouts at every step of the day, and triple-check that they have been given correct directions so that guests don’t get lost on the way to your big day.

You could forget something:

Your wedding day can be stressful, making it easy for things to slip your mind. To stay on plan, have your maid of honour carry a checklist of things you’ll need and constantly refer to it.

Someone could be late:

People run on their own timezones. Expect that not all your guests will arrive on time to witness your nuptials. If the late party is in your wedding party or an important family member, then hold off on the ceremony a bit. Otherwise, go ahead without them.

Someone could get drunk:

Things can quickly go wrong when you pair people with alcohol, especially if there is an open bar. Don’t be surprised if people have a bit too much liquid courage at your wedding. If you are worried, consider having a cash bar over an open bar. Guests will be less likely to go overboard drinking if they have to pay for it themselves.

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