Date ideas to keep romance alive during self-quarantine

Date ideas to keep romance alive during self-quarantine

As the outbreak of coronavirus gets more and more serious, governments across the world have urged people to practice social distancing. We all know by now that with social distancing comes a lot, if not all, evenings spent indoors.

This has affected date nights everywhere. Oh, the horror! No more movie theatres, bars, restaurants, or any activity that causes a large amount of people to gather in one place at one time.

We’re sure there are a few rebellious souls out there, risking infection for an evening on the town. However, for those of us who prefer living life far away from the edge, safely in quarantine, date nights don’t have to be boring either.

Here are some quarantine date ideas:

– Netflix (with or without the chill) 

This one works for those of you who are fully committing to self-isolation. You don’t even have to be in the same room. All you need is two separate Netflix accounts.

Add the Chrome extension called “Netflix Party” to your browser. Click on your date night movie, then click on the extension icon that should have appeared on your browser tab. You’ll see a chat bar appear on the side of the screen. Send a link, which is provided by the extension, to your date. There you have it – Netflix date night from separate houses!

– Cook together 

There’s nothing more romantic than cooking together. Get your hands dirty in the kitchen with a recipe you’ve never tried before or better yet, have a cooking competition! Limit yourselves to only what’s in the cupboards presently (since we’re limiting our trips to stores anyway) and cook a dish each. After, you can have a tasting and decide that in the end you’re both winners since you have the prize of each others’ company.

– Couples at home spa

Head to Pinterest for some great DIY face masks, hair treatments and the like. Spend the evening pampering yourselves and relaxing as you take advantage of the extra down time quarantine has provided.

– Picnic 

Who says you need a park for a picnic? If you have a garden or a yard, lay a blanket out and get picnicking! Alternatively, for those without a grass patch at their disposal, have a picnic on the floor in your home. All you really need is the right energy. Light some candles, lay out a snack-spread, play some music and you’re good to go.

– Games night

There are plenty of two person games out there. Card games, board games, jenga, don’t limit yourself. Unleash your playful side with those games that have been gathering dust in your closet.

– Make plans 

For the extrovert out there who can’t wait for the self-isolation to end, spend an evening making a bucket list. Plan all the things you want to do together as soon as the quarantine ends…and commit to doing them! No bailing out once the time comes.

Don’t forget, being in quarantine doesn’t mean you get to skip your shower! Happy date night!

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